About Us


You know that feeling when you have been gaming for hours, your thumbs and neck hurt, your eyes are strained, and you can’t focus because you are tired. You want to reach one more level before going to bed, but then you can’t get to sleep, and you are a grumpy mess the next morning.  

So do we, and it freaking sucks! That is why we created the Skinz product line. We wanted to create awesome products to support the health and wellness of gamers like us.

We are nerds with high standards, so we researched the best, most scientifically proven ingredients, and we put them in our products. We obviously wanted results- and the proof is in the pudding! Our stuff is amazing!

Obviously, our products don’t JUST extend to gamers. We are all humans who get eye strain from too much time on devices and lose sleep because…life. We all get muscle pain and couldn’t we all use a performance edge in some way. Our goal is to help power your performance in all aspects of life.  We care about the whole person, not just how you feel and game but also about your life and livelihood, in and out-of-the-game.

That is why we created our job portal. We know firsthand that it is tough finding a gig as a gamer. Our unique A.I. will skill-map your resume and match you with YOUR perfect job. Whether you are trying to go pro, get a side hustle, or want to break into the industry, we got you!

I mean, who knows, maybe you are the next Fortnite champ and become a millionaire. (You’re welcome in advance.)  

We are passionate people with a big heart. We care. This is why we align ourselves with like-minded, impact-driven companies. Non-profits like Athlete Ally, who raise awareness for LGBTQ+ people in sports. And Bear Claw, a woman-owned e-sport group that teaches kids usable skills when they aren’t kicking ass in gaming.

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Our Guarantee: We know our products are the sh*t. So, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee because we know you won’t ACTUALLY need it. Yeah, we are that confident.