Launches Health and Wellness Company for Video Game Players

E sports Observer writes:, a health and wellness company for amateur and professional video game players, has launched a variety of products to designed to help players maximize perfomance. The Los Angeles-based company sees itself as a lifestyle brand featuring a wide variety of products and services for video game players of all skill levels. Today, with this launch, now makes available supplement products that “address key areas that impact gamer performance including energy, focus, pain, and sleep.” Additionally, the company plans to add other player offerings such as a job board, where to find esports scholarships, and more.

The company’s creation comes from the minds of co-founders Natalia Sokolova, a second-generation entrepreneur, and former model, and Gary Kleinman founder of the WHAM Network, a gaming and esports creative content channel. As well as being co-founders, Sokolova will serve as CEO of and Kleinman will serve as President. 

“ is the only company that creates products that are purposely formulated to promote video gamers’ health and wellness that powers their performance,” Sokolova said. “Our company uniquely sits at the intersection of dietary supplements and video gaming, which collectively accounts for a half-trillion dollars or more in global spending annually. impacts the entire video gamer market; our products and services are used by every type of video game player, professional to casual, and across every type of gaming genre and device.”

Additionally, the company has partnered with some in the medical community, led by the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Corey J. Csakai. His mission is to guide the use of the company’s product, establish best practices for injury prevention, and ensure that players understand exactly how these activities affect their bodies. 

“I’m a gamer, so I have first-hand knowledge of how it impacts my body,” Csakai said. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the team that is working to develop products and best practices that both prevent and treat injuries specific to video gaming. These include everything from how certain products interact with the body, to how hand movements and sitting improperly can lead to health issues when playing.”

Sokolova believes that having the help of the medical community and enlisting their aid as well as having Dr. Csakai on board will give the company the legitimacy it needs in order to be successful.

“We have Dr. Csakai, who is one of the leaders in understanding joint pain. He is a chiropractor who has seen a lot of people come in with hand problems and told us this is something the company has to focus on,” Sokolova said. “He is heavily involved in the formulation of the products, specifically the ones built for the gamers.” will be leaning on its medical connection as one of its stronger marketing tools. However, they do have a game plan in terms of other marketing avenues and activations that involve some familiar means–including adding some influencers to the ranks.

“Skinz will be incorporating not only professional gamers, but professional traditional athletes in our outreach, like Ahman Green, [former] Green Bay Packer and head esports coach at Lakeland University,” Kleinman said. “Skinz will sponsor tournaments and global gaming events as well, including Discord.” 

As far as the public relations and social media sides are concerned, Kleinman believes this is an area in which the company can shine.

“We’re going to do a lot on the PR side and with Instagram videos of gamers talking about injuries and how our products can and do help them compete,” he said.  

While many businesses and business sectors have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, so much so that some of the largest companies in the world have had to close down stores and lay off employees, esports and gaming looks to be weathering the pandemic better than most.

Sales of video games in the U.S. during the month of August increased 37% year-over-year to $3.3B, according to the American market research company, NPD Group. This shows there are more people playing more games and ultimately more people with nagging injuries to various degrees.

“For us at, this is about being a part of the community, not selling to the community,” Sokolova said. “The growth of the industry requires a focus on health and wellness within the community, just like we see in traditional sports. We’re focused on helping make sure that gamers feel healthy.”


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